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What Sets Us Apart

Flexibility in Scope

We are not a large enterprise that forces our clients into a rigid process. We play as large or as small a role as our clients deem necessary. 

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Done Deal

Flexibility in Services

Although both the firm and our partners have vast experience in transaction advisory, a transaction itself is never a requisite for working with us. The JNS approach is dynamic.  We assist our clients with a variety of strategic advisory and corporate finance assignments, whether project based or on an ongoing consultative basis.

Flexibility in Engagements

We are not your typical bank or advisory firm that forces clients into “our process”. We structure our engagements with affordable upfront commitments in mind, fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, we let YOU run YOUR business.  We do not believe in dictating every conversation, or preventing executives and owners from making independent decisions. Our mission is to empower and support management with our professional advice, in whatever capacity our engagement dictates. 

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